To make an appointment

please email
or call 510.759.4250

I prefer to speak to first time clients over the phone to discuss their needs before scheduling. Please read my policies page before booking your first appointment.


1 thought on “Contact

  1. Hi Dahlia,

    I was given your contact information by my fiances mother, Eileen Dreizden. I have been suffering from headaches ranging from slightly nagging to full blown migraines for over a month at this point and I am desperately searching for a cure, or at least a little relief. I have had my eyes examined, which showed nothing, been to the er twice only to have pain meds thrown at me, and have tried everything over the counter. I work in restaurants and am on my feet 12+ hours a day normally, and use my phone and laptop quite a bit so I’m sure that these play into my headaches/body issues. I also have Crohn’s disease which can also complicate things. I am very interested to know if you can help me with my issue. Thank you very much for your time.

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